•  The New Lincoln Train Museum

Now presenting the Spirit of Lincoln and the Spirit of America!

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  • Exciting Educational Experience

Explore the History of our Nation with Jim Getty as President Abraham Lincoln!


  • Tremendous Toy Train collection

 Operating layouts and railroad artifacts complement this collection of rare and historic model trains.


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The New Lincoln Train Museum!


It is with great pride and pleasure we introuduce the new Lincoln Train Museum! For more than thirty years the museum has celebrated President Lincoln and our nation's railroad.  We now also celebrate the Spirit of Lincoln and The Spirit of America! Gettysburg's beloved Lincoln reinactor, Mr. Jim Getty, has joined us as President Abraham Lincoln and invites you on a journey through the history of America!


Explore, learn and be inspired by the history and events of our great nation!   

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  • Board our outdoor caboose which once traveled the Maryland Pennsylvania Railroad and journey back in time with President Lincoln as he travels to Gettysburg to dedicate the National Cemetery located within walking distance of our museum!
  • Experience our new operating train layout presenting President Lincoln's funeral journey with his son Willie from Washington DC to Springfield Illinois displayed with audio and video history of the experience! 
  • Board our new simullated funeral train car, The United States, and ride with President Abraham Lincoln's spirit on a journey through and tribute to the history of our nation!
  • Explore our toy train collection containing model toy trains fron the 1800's to the present day.
  • Observe and operate trains and other features on our re-created model railroad layout!
  • Play with Thomas, Percy, Gordon and James on our Thomas the Tank Engine track layout!


The Spirit of Lincoln And The Spirit of America!

  • Journey with Mr. Jim Getty as President Abraham Lincon as he walks with you through the history of our nation along our video hallway of America!
  • Explore layouts, displays and historical artifacts of Abraham Lincoln, our founding fathers, and other great Americans as well as our native lands and the Wild West with its striggles, heroes and horses.
  • Recall the battles and wars our nation has endured and pay tribute to our heroes, the soldiers, veterans, law enforcement and EMS of our country.
  •  Explore memorabilia of our sports figures and Hollywood stars.